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We are all capable of seeing beyond today. Our passions and our experience make our perspectives uniquely valuable.

Society 2045

It's up to everyone to make the future

Between us, we have hundreds of years of experience.
We hope it will help guide the change that the world needs.

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Our Society

We sense that society is on the verge of a major change. Many are working to make that change happen.

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Our Legal System

The legal system is the foundation of modern society; many have been working to rebuild it from within.

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Our Financial System

Commerce is at the heart of our society. It influences nearly every aspect of life. We need it to better reflect our new reality.

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Our System of Work

We most touch our social systems through our work. It occupies a majority of our waking hours and is key to a new future.

About the 2045ers

For a number of years, many of us have been working on our respective social movements ranging from self-knowledge to the legal system and everything in between.

Many of us have connected and shared our respective projects. However something was missing. We felt the need to go beyond our projects and beyond our efforts today. We a sought broader vision of the future. A vision that is informed by our work and experience.

On a Zoom call between Joeri Torfs and Jose Leal in early 2020, Joeri suggested we bring together a group that would help us do that. That was the seed for Society 2045. Soon, J. Kim Wright added her voice and encouragement and with Joeri and Matt Perez we started our calls. We now have more than a dozen members joining us on our bi-weekly calls.

Participants from across Europe and North America come together to create the new vision we seek and know the world is desperate for.

Co-Owner John Doe

Pim Ampe

Pim Ampe is the Constitutional Director of the Quality of Life World Foundation. She is focused on the well-being of others and loves empowering people. Her purpose is to increase quality of life of people by expanding their ability to adapt and self-manage in the face of life challenges, whether they are emotional, social, physical, intellectual, or economic.

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Andy Brogan

Andy Brogan is co-founder of Easier Inc and the Human.Learning.Systems collaborative, and founder of Next Stage Radicals. Through these collaborations, he is exploring how to create better ways of working and better places to work. UK based but going wherever learning and connection take him, Andy is particularly interested in the role of empathy and fellowship in unlocking better futures.

Co-Owner John Doe

Alicia Castillo

Alicia Castillo is a serial entrepreneur, former CEO of a seed capital fund and angel investor. She has consulted for over 500 start ups on strategy, including financing. She is an international expert on entrepreneurship, innovation and venture capital.

A keen supporter of diversity in venture capital, she is a board member of Sand Hill Angels and is the founder of the Wealthing VC Club, a disruptive company that allows individuals to coinvest with unique deals in Silicon Valley.    Philanthropically, she supports organizations that improve minorities' access to capital, and co-founded Box of Life, a non-profit that sends food and medicine to Venezuela.
Wealthing-VC-Club:  Post-seed Rounds. SandHillAngels: Angel Group.
BoxOfLife: Food Nonprofit for Venezuela.

Co-Owner John Doe

Jacqueline Horani

Jacqueline Horani has been called an old soul, a renaissance woman, and a sparkplug. Nebraska raised, living in NYC, currently developing collaborative teams of global practitioners to transform experiences of ‘work’ (Legally Unconventional). She enjoys figuring out & conveying the really simple ideas behind unnecessarily complex concepts. Recent interests: Permaculture, NVC, Family Systems. Also a fan of Heinlein.

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Taj James

Taj James is the Executive Director of the Movement Strategy Center, based in Oakland, CA. MSC is a national intermediary that works with over 300 partner grassroots organizations, alliances, and networks which operate at local, regional, and national levels. MSC works across sectors, supporting local alliances that bring people in one place together across issues and constituencies, and supporting national alliances that unite groups working on common issues.

Co-Owner John Doe

Jose Leal

Jose Leal started his first business at age 16. In his 20s, he co-founded Canada's first automotive media portal. After ten years with the media company that acquired it, he quit as VP. Corporate life had taught him how not to collaborate. For nearly six years, Jose has focused on understanding human nature and collaboration.

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Matt Perez

Matt Perez spent many years building hardware and software products. Matt founded Nearsoft, in 2007. Under the influence of Ricardo Semler's Maverick, Nearsoft has been co-managed from day one. With Adrian Perez and Jose Leal, Matt is in the final throes of writing a book to try and give voice and shape to a different way of being and interacting—the book is tentatively called RADICALS: Co-owned and Co-managed Companies.

Co-Owner John Doe

Tullio Siragusa

Tullio Siragusa is a 33-year veteran of disruptive technologies, futurist, speaker, and author. As an advisory board member to the University of California, Riverside, Design Thinking Executive Program, and founding member of RadicalPurpose.org Tullio promotes a human-centered approach to innovation, and a people-centric work environment.

Co-Owner John Doe

Joeri Torfs

Joeri Torfs, Operational Director of the Quality of Life World Foundation. Joeri is driven by knowledge and learning, his allergy to rules and authority made him choose to become an entrepreneur. He found his true calling in software development. He enjoys finding and building structures from chaos and challenging the status quo. His purpose is to free humanity from the enslavement of society by building and using systems, frameworks, and tools capable of converting human intuitive participative and collaborative energy into constructive outcomes. He’s convinced that together we can increase our quality of life by accepting life's challenges, building trust, letting go of control and rely on frictionless participation and collaboration in a framework that evolves with societal needs.

Co-Owner Jane Doe

Kimberly Wiefling

Kimberly Wiefling is the founder of Wiefling Consulting, and cofounder of Silicon Valley Alliances. She strongly believes that companies doing business across borders and boundaries of every kind are a powerful force for peace and prosperity in Our World. She is committed to supporting purpose-driven organizations in attracting high-quality investors and the most talented people through the competitive advantage of proven best practices in leadership and a healthy, vibrant organizational culture. She is known globally for her highly interactive, engaging, and transformative workshops, both virtual and in-person. - VIRTUALLY or LIVE IN PERSON (when it's safe to do so):    
* Keynotes  
* Workshops  
* Coaching  
* Consulting  
* Facilitated Working Sessions for Strategy & Projects

Her big dream is that, one day, both investments and employees preferentially flow to these kinds of organizations instead of the soul-sucking variety, and the sick, twisted, dysfunctional organizations of Our World will wither and die for lack of financial resources and the talented people they've driven away to more life-affirming workplaces . . . for a better world!

See: https://kimberlywiefling.com/

Co-Owner Jane Doe

J. Kim Wright

J. Kim Wright began working to transform the legal profession more than 25 years ago. She is an author and contributor to several books, including some published by the American Bar Association, and periodicals; co-creator of the Conscious Contracts movement, and a guiding force in the Integrative Law Movement.

See: https://jkimwright.com

Want to Learn More?

We love to talk to people about their visions and their social movements. Tell us about yours and how you see things changing by 2045.