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We are seeking to change the way society works by bringing together those on the leading edge of individual, social, and systems evolution movements.

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A global group of people come together regularly to contribute their vision of the society they want to see by 2045. Each individual's unique experience, efforts, and networks helps create a positive holistic vision to guide us through the opportunities ahead.

OF law
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We envision a new foundation for our society. New ways of seeing and working with the legal system. A system that supports and frees individuals to make their unique impact.

OF finance
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The work of capital and finance drives much of our social behavior. We envision a change in the incentives that produce so much of the waste and undue hardship in the world.

Of work
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We seek to change not only how we work, but how we see work. Envisioning change in organizations from the outside-in and in people from the inside-out.

2020 is the wakeup call none of us wanted
and the world needs

We can't let this opportunity pass us by. The time for change is now. We must come together to form a new vision and make it happen.


Was held APRIL 12, 2021
12:30pm - 2:00pm (California)

The pandemic was the wakeup call none of us wanted, yet the world needed. We believe our society is in the midst of enormous change. We are coming together to form a new vision and collaborate on making it happen.

We can't let this opportunity pass us by.

Our goal is to co-create conversations that can guide us through this complex and rapidly evolving opportunity for positive change.

Come and connect directly with the contributors of Society 2045. Choose to hear and learn different perspectives. Pick a topic that resonates with you, or jump around and meet any of the open space presenters.

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Your Voice

We hosted the first session after Margaret Wheatley's "Who do you choose to be?" keynote.

The event brought a great variety of people from across the Organization Development community.

Take a look at what the participants co-created.

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